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Identification1. The Issue:With the spread of the Internet and the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is a new twist in the age-old marriage custom of the mail-order bride. Increasingly, western men are turning to marriage agencies or introduction services to find spouses from the former Soviet Union. In an industry that was traditionally dominated by agencies in the Pacific Rim, this new breed of Russian Internet marriage agencies is rapidly expanding and overtaking the market. The author has found at least 200 different agencies on the Internet that focus on Russia and other Soviet Republics. The popularity of these companies is due to various factors that include culture and economics. However, there is an element of risk for either marriage partner undertaking these ventures. The bride is isolated in a new foreign country, usually unable to speak the language, and often is more vulnerable to abuse. The groom takes the risk that his new wife is just using him for permanent residency status. The whole concept of mail-order brides raises questions itself. Can two people fall in love enough to marry without ever having met? This case proposes to examine this new player in a very old industry, its impact on this market and the legalities involved.2. Description"Match-maker, Match-maker make me a match..."

The concept of arranged marriages is almost as old as the institute of marriage itself. Various cultures around the world have at one time or another advocated the arrangement of marriage between two individuals through the medium of a match-maker or other third party. It is within the last century that the "mail-order bride" became a part of the American lexicon. Settlers were moving west, where traditionally men outnumbered the women in the population. Men would correspond with marriage-minded women "back East," become engaged and either marry their brides by proxy or marry immediately upon the bride's arrival to her new home. It is within the last twenty-five years that this practice revived, mainly in Asian nations 1. It is with the collapse of the Soviet Empire that a new market has opened up to Western men. There are many reasons that Russian women are seeking husbands, and why Western men seem to desire Russian wives.

A Russian woman's lot in life is not the easiest. Brutal economic conditions weigh down even the strongest of people. However, Russian women

The New Soviet Woman

Soviet propagandists have always highlighted the fact that 80% of its teachers and doctors are women. 8 Westerners are ignorant of the fact that in Russia these jobs are among the least prestigious. As a former teacher, the author earned 450,000 rubles a month in 1996 while a street sweeper (another position dominated by women) earned almost 1 million rubles a month. Employment and the government today still favors male workers even though they might be less qualified or reliable.9 As a result, women earn only 43% of men's salaries. 10 Due to this favoritism, women are more likely to be laid off; resulting in the fact that 75% of all unemployed in Russia are women.11 Russian women are forced to work full-time and then face the full-burden of domestic work at home. 12 Is it any wonder that Russian women see mail-order bride agencies as an opportunity to finally have a better life? With an American husband, Russian women not only gain the much-sought after goal of securing a husband but now also have the added bonus of an improved life.

"Bring me a ring for I am longing to be the envy of all I can see"

Another cause of the plethora of available Russian brides is that a major part of Russian culture for women is marriage. From the earliest times, marriage was seen as the most important point in a woman's life.13

"�find me a find, catch me a catch."

Russian women want something better. A large number of Russian women prefer American men. "'Our [Russian] men treat women like objects�They drink, they smoke, they have bad hygiene and care only about themselves. These Americans don't smoke or drink. They really seem to want to settle down and take care of their family.'"17 But what about these "dream men"? What draws successful Western men towards mail-order bride agencies? The majority of men who participate in these services are white, educated, around 37 years old, and are ideologically conservative.18 These men are tired of "career-obsessed" women and see Russian women as less materialistic and more appreciative of men.19 Many men are just frustrated by the American dating scene. One potential groom describes his searches through bars, clubs coffee-houses, laundry mats and grocery stores with no success.20 Russian women are seen as ideal over other nationalities as they "'have a European face but the patience of an Asian.'"21 Russian women are seen as more feminine and more traditional; while Russian women see American men as more considerate, more ambitious, and less inclined to drunkenness.22 Western men see Russian women as more mature and usually more educated than their Asian counterparts. 23 From the author's own observations, Russian culture puts emphasis in women looking feminine and well-groomed at all times. Is it any wonder then that American men are attracted to the idea of finding an educated, good-looking wife who will appreciate the simpler things in life?

"Match-maker, Match maker, I'll bring the veil, you bring the groom, slender and pale."

The process for finding a mail-order bride can be relatively simple and accessible but not inexpensive. According to some sources, there are over 600 agencies on the internet that provide "introduction services" or match-making for the former Soviet Union.24 One website, ( offers some advice in choosing an agency. Its criteria include

"The Love Boat soon will be making another run. The Love Boat promises something for everyone. Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance..."

The next step of the process is trying to meet one's prospective choices. The majority agencies offer special "romance" or "love tours" to Russia. For about 00 -00, a hopeful man can expect

"Yente: Did you think you'd get a prince? Well I do the best I can. With no money no dowry no family background, be glad you got a man!"

So once the champagne has been drunk and the rice tossed out, the newlyweds now must face the daunting task of building a marriage between two virtual strangers. Cultural differences alone can be frustrating. In one example, the new husband wanted his new bride to spend more time with his mother and learn to cook American food as he did not like her Russian cooking. 30 Most of these women speak very little English; making communication often difficult. Many of these Russian women also bring children from previous relationships into these marriages. On one hand, the new groom has an instant family. On the other, he now has to deal with a child or children who have now been uprooted from their country and also speak little English.

Both parties are in extremely vulnerable situations. Russian women are now in a new country initially at the mercy of their husbands. Lack of knowledge of immigration and local law leaves these women vulnerable to domestic abuse. In one case, the wife was told that her husband would beat her or her child if she did not obey his orders.31 They were told that if they tried to complain, he would have them deported. Thanks to recent legislation, this is not the case.32 (see below) Additionaly, the new groom is also exposed to risk-both financially and emotionally. At the end of the courtship, most men will have paid for several addresses or annual subscriptions, trans


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Nakup družinskega avta

1. Birthday Girl (2001)

A thirty something bank clerk from St. Albans has his small-town life exploded by the arrival of his Russian mail order bride. John Buckingham (Ben Chaplin), a lonely St. Albans bank clerk, orders a mail order bride through an online marriage broker called From Russia With Love, he obtains a mail order bride, Nadia (Nicole Kidman) from Russia on the Internet.

John is uncomfortable and shy, but Nadia is sexually bold. Her skills in the bedroom more than make up for any communication problems.  Though Nadia cannot speak English and John cannot speak Russian, they soon bond.

While he’s more than pleased that his new fiancée is so beautiful, she turns out to have a dangerous and mysterious side that he wasn’t counting on. And things become quite complicated when her cousin Yuri (Mathieu Kassovitz) and his friend Alexei (Vincent Cassel) arrive and turn up from Russia to celebrate her birthday and move into his tiny house in St. Albans.

Eventually, both John’s career and life are threatened. John has grown to care for Nadia and is forced to steal from the bank where he has worked for ten years.

They take him prisoner, strip him down to his underpants, and tie him to a toilet in a motel. He eventually manages to free himself and quickly learns that Nadia has been left behind after Alexei discovered she was pregnant.

After the ransom is paid, he realizes that he has been the victim of an elaborate con. Nadia, Yuri, and Alexei are criminals, and Alexei is actually Nadia’s boyfriend. She later reveals that she can indeed speak English and that her name is not Nadia. John takes Nadia to turn her into the police – hoping to clear his name as a wanted bank robber.

Ultimately, however, he sympathizes with her and decides against it. He leaves her at the airport, where she is kidnapped by Alexei – who now wants Nadia to have the baby. John rescues her, tying Alexei to a chair. They make common cause against the two Russian men. Nadia informs John that her real name is Sophia. John, disguised as Alexei, leaves for Russia with Sophia.

Does this kind of thing ever happen in real life?

Well, there have been plenty of highly publicized cases of mail order brides bilking unsuspecting men out of money, property and green cards – but according to most reliable sources, the vast majority of marriages of Western men to foreign women turn out better than these films would have us believe. As a matter of fact, the divorce rate for these marriages is far lower than that of regular marriages.

2. The Outsider (1994)

John Gower, a rancher and a widower, trying to take care of his land and his daughter, JD. One day, he discovers a woman nearly dead. And he learns that his neighbor, Tom Fender, was killed. When the woman, Juliana recovers, she reveals herself to be Tom Fender’s mail order bride.

John then tells the Sheriff about this. He reluctantly agrees to take in his neighbor’s widow – but just as he and his daughter are getting used to their strange house guest, a bloody feud threatens to destroy them all.

It seems that Colonel Howling wants to buy Fender’s land, and a dispute ensues, cause thinking that Fender had no family, Howling arranges to buy the land at a public auction. And Juliana reveals that it was Howling’s son who killed Fender and tried to kill her but Howling uses his influence to stop that but Gower who has grudge against Howling tries to prove her right.

The Outsider is a Western movie starring Grainger Hines and Sabrina Chateau.

3. Mail Order Bride (1964)

Will Lane, an ageing cowboy who owes a debt of honour to his dead buddy, whose son Lee Carey (Keir Dullea) stands to inherit his modest Montana ranch and instructed not to let Lee, have it until Lee gives up his immature ways.

The trouble is Lee’s a bit of a lad who’d rather be drinking in town with his no-good friend, Jace (Warren Oates), or testing the bedsprings of Marietta, the local tart with a heart (BarBara Luna), and his pa knew only too well that, without proper guidance, he’d end up frittering away his inheritance.

So Will is tasked with teaching the boy some standards, and hits upon the idea of ordering a mail order bride whom, he hopes, will domesticate the wild buck.

One provision is that Lee must marry. Lane uses a catalog to look for a suitable wife. He ends up finding Annie Boley, a widow from Kansas City. The bride isn’t actually mail order at all. She’s the cleaner at a Kansas City saloon suggested to Will by the proprietress who actually did advertise herself in a mail order catalogue but proves a little too long in the tooth for Lee (but not for Will, as it turns out).

She’s no Marietta, but she possesses a warmth and strength of character that make her an ideal candidate to tame young Lee. The problem is she also has a young son, and so, in allegiance with Annie, Lee reluctantly pretends to be going along with things until Will is satisfied and disappears.

Lee agrees to marry her, with ranch hand Jace as his best man, but assures Annie that their marriage will be in name only, with no other marital obligations. Lane learns that Jace has been stealing cattle. Lee refuses to believe it until Jace proposes they rustle together and leave the ranch in ruins.

But after a fire is set by Jace with the woman and boy still inside the house, Lee rescues them and comes to his senses. He now has a family and vows to rebuild the ranch, so Lane hands him the deed and rides home to Kansas City.

Many viewers avoided Mail Order Bride upon its first release, assuming that the picture had been slapped together to capitalize on the popularity of Beverly Hillbillies star Buddy Ebsen.

In truth, the film is an engaging and involving western drama, with Ebsen playing a character far removed from Jed Clampett.

Mail Order Bride is a 1964 western film starring Buddy Ebsen, Keir Dullea and Lois Nettleton, directed by Burt Kennedy.

4. Mail Order Bride (2008)

Diana McQueen (Daphne Zuniga) has been working, against her will, for Boston conman Tom Rourke (Greg Evigan) since she was 12 years old, running scams, stealing and lying. She decides to skip out of town and leave her boss, behind.

To avoid the conflict that would result by her quick disappearance, she switches places with a dying friend, who had planned on becoming a man’s mail-order bride.  Seeing that this is her only chance to escape, she takes on the role and lies to the unsuspecting frontier


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