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Note: As of 12/12/16, E-filing is mandatory in Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties

Important Information Judges/Retired Judges & Electronic Case Access (Secure Portal) Notice Regarding Processing Paper Submissions and Destruction of Paper Submissions After Scanning

Uniform Subpoena Form Information/Instructions Frequently Asked Questions

E-filing Resources E-filing Brochure MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual E-filing Attorney FAQs Attorney e-Filing Codes E-filing System Requirements Serving the State's Attorney Office Setting up Service Contacts Rules pertaining to electronic filing and case management E-filing in the Court of Special Appeals MDEC Rules - Overview Notice As Required By Rule 20-106(D)(5) Regarding Processing Paper Submissions And Destruction Of Paper Submissions After Scanning

Attorneys: How to register to e-file in Anne Arundel, Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot, Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties

1.To register for e-filing, you must use your Client Protection Fund (CPF) number. If you do not know your CPF number, you can find it in the Client Protection Fund’s attorney listing online at Your CPF number is included in your listing. If you are unable to locate your CPF number, please contact Maryland Judicial Information Systems (JIS) Service Desk or call the Service Desk at 410-260-1114. Once you know your CPF number, you can register and e-file documents with the court, but to have full remote, online access to the cases you are representing, you must complete this CPF form and send it to [email protected] for processing.

2. Review the statewide MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual and the user guides (located on the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site) for an overview of the processes, technical requirements and preparations for e-filing.

3. Sign up and attend a webinar session and/or watch tutorial videos (links are on the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site).

4. Please designate a person to administer the e-filing system for your firm. The administrator will register the firm and be responsible for setting up and maintaining all users, credit card accounts, attorneys at the firm. NOTE:  The e-file administrator only needs to register and create an account one time to enable all legal professionals in that firm to e-file and e-serve in any court where the service has been made available.

5. Register to e-file (Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site).

How State agencies should register

State agencies should register as if the agency is a firm. More information available here.

Attorneys: How to view documents electronically in Anne Arundel, Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties

1. All users of the portal must be registered and associated with specific cases in the MDEC system.

2. To view your cases and documents electronically, you must register on the MDEC secure portal with the same email address used on the e-filing system.

3. To register, you must use your Client Protection Fund (CPF) number. If you do not know your CPF number, you can find it in the Client Protection Fund’s attorney listing online at


State Commercial Insurance Filing

Several states require that you have certification on file with the state transportation department proving that you meet the state's vehicle insurance laws.

Truck Filings

If you use a truck to haul exempt commodities, you are subject to intrastate truck filings to prove that you meet your state's commercial auto insurance requirements.

Exempt commodities typically include:

Visit the FMCSA website for a more detailed list of exempt commodities.

Some states do not require you to submit insurance filings. These states include:

Types of intrastate truck commercial auto insurance filings include:

Be aware that some states require you to also file additional forms. Read below to learn more about state-specific filings.

State-Specific Truck Filings

In addition to the above filings, some trucks are subject to state-specific filings to prove that commercial auto insurance requirements are met.

These state-specific filings include:

Other Commercial Insurance Filings

In addition to truck insurance filings, some states require different commercial auto insurance filings for other types of vehicles and businesses.

These filings include:

Obtaining Commercial Insurance Forms

Commercial insurance forms are available at state departments of insurance and/or departments of transportation. Privately owned auto insurance companies can file the required forms for you.

When you open your policy, ask your insurance agent to complete all required state filings on your behalf. Make sure that you get a copy of your receipt that acknowledges that the form was received by the state. It may take 48 hours or more for state commercial motor vehicle filings to be processed.


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